Still Burning

I accidentally forgot to post this one. . .from September 15.

Just an update. . .Bobcat2 fire still burning east of Mt Wilson, and has forced evacuations in Arcadia and Monrovia. My PurpleAir sensor peaked at 525 a couple of days ago. This morning it was 270; JPL closed (again) from the bad air. Moderated enough to open the house this evening for a few hours, at least partly because the air indoors smelled musty and ick.

The Creek fire south of Mammoth is slowly moving towards the town. The air there is terrible too, the PurpleAir sensor up there read 710 a few minutes ago. The town starting kicking tourists out over the weekend in preparation for evacuation. Like here though, they haven’t pulled the trigger on the evacuation.

All the national forests in the state closed over the weekend. Apparently wanted to reduce the potential evacuation risk.