Third Wave! And, Krugman finally notices Merchants

From New York Times, obviously.

We’re well into the much-expected third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. California isn’t actually doing badly compared to the rest of the nation, but LA County is trending the wrong way, unfortunately.

Yesterday’s big news was that the White House chief of staff acknowledged that they’ve given up on the pandemic. That triggered today’s Krugman column, which links to Merchants of Doubt. Yay! It only took denial of mass death to get him on board.

Election day is one week from tomorrow, and I wish I had confidence in the results.

We were going to go up to Mammoth last week but it’s been continuously smoky from the Creek fire. We spent last weekend cleaning out Alex’s room so it can be turned into my next office. It’s very echo-y now. I may have convinced The Mate to buy a Ford Bronco Sport when Ford starts to actually make them. At the moment, we only have my Model 3–she sold her truck to Alex. Long story on that! But due to the out-of-control pandemic, we never actually go anywhere so not much need for two cars, let alone the 3 that we had.

We’re going to Newport Beach for my birthday, and then we’re going to Mammoth for T-day.