Pandemic progress and Not

I spend so much time in front of my computers now I find it harder and harder to spend *even more* time in front of it to blog or, for that matter, to play World of Warcraft. But here goes.

Data for LA County, January 31, 2021.

LA County is finally seeing its cases drop. Deaths should turn down next week–there’s a consistent 3 week lag between cases and deaths. Last week Newsom released the state-wide stay-home order and we’re back under the 4 tier system. Mammoth reopened rentals instantly. Our Mammoth place booked for all of February already.

Vaccination rates were improving last week finally. The state overthought the ethical priorities and underthought the logistics of large-scale distribution, IMHO. And had no help from the Feds.

From the LA County vaccination dashboard.

Meanwhile the MAGAt fuckwits and antivaxxers have started trying to shut down the vaccination sites. LAPD let them shut down the big Dodger Stadium site over the weekend. Given the willingness of LAPD to brutalize Black Lives Matter protesters just a few months ago. . .I was pissed. We watched John Ford’s Grapes of Wrath last week. In the movie the police and sheriffs were part of the growers’ system of oppression. Nothing’s changed in nearly a century.

We had to cancel last week’s Mammoth trip to do the soil sampling in Swall Meadows due to snow–3 feet in Swall Meadows, 10 feet on the mountain. Courtney the Lost Girl went with friends and the mountain was a mob scene. Hour long lift lines, etc. Glad I missed it. We’ll leave this Wednesday and do the sampling on the new property Friday, Feb. 5. Escrow closes on the 11th so we’re cutting it a bit tight but that’s life.

My 3D printer has stopped working. It can’t find the 3rd calibration point (back right). It finds the first two no problem, but it sees nothing on the 3rd. It’s. . .bizarre. I’ve no idea what to do.

The Pronterface portrait of calibration point #3. Nothing where a target should be even though the probe is passing directly over the target. . .

The Bernie meme went on and on and on. . .here’s one last one. Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted it so I guess it’s ok to put here! His staff set up a merch store instantly and donated the profits to a Vermont charity. Good on them.