Threadbare Posting

It’s been over a month since the last post. Unfortunately–to a degree, anyway!–completion of vaccination led straight back to insane travel schedules. We did a twice-postponed wedding in Cincinnati, then drove 15 hours to New Hampshire to visit my parents. Then we flew back to California. . .and I flew back to New Hampshire less than a week later. I came back to help get my father some in-home care. He’s not aging well. I’ll return to Cali next week.

The pandemic collapse in Los Angeles County has been breathtaking. Half the state’s now at least partly vaccinated.

LA Times.

The CDC has lifted the mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people. Since we know the Trumpist anti-maskers are also anti-vaxxers, though, I expect we’ll see it continue to spread among them.

Unfortunately the vaccination rate is plunging, too, and not just in California.

The Mate finally bought herself a new truckosaur: a 2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Another blow to my carbon footprint.

There’s not much news on the house-building front. We’ve finalized the concept and have been trying to get bids on the engineering. We’ve had good responses to the energy design requests; less good on the structure. Construction supply costs have been soaring, though–wood has more than tripled in price. So delay might be good!

My own modeling of the house shows very good performance. A 10 kw array should run everything, including powering the Tesla, according to the DOE’s Building Optimization model. Unless I’ve made a big mistake!

We’re planning our usual anniversary trip to Mammoth for the end of this month.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I didn’t blog about the first launch in 2021, on April 10th. Flew the Nike Smoke. There were only about a hundred people there.