3D printing for victory

Saturday one of the Mate’s nurse friends asked if anyone could 3D print face shields for medical people in clinics she works at. I have a recently-upgraded Prusa I3 Mk 2.5 printer and said I’d try.

A little digging around on the intertubes turned up face shield model files on Prusa’s own website. They’d been developed with some input from the Czech health authority. The design had a 3D printed frame, used rubber bands to hold it on, and used whatever clear plastic sheeting was available. The Mate’s friend Helen was able to get clear plastic page dividers at an office supply store. I thought “desperation is the mother of invention.”

Prusa had “stacked” files for four and eight copies of the frame. I printed a stack of 4 and had my iPad Mini make a timelapse of the 8.5 hour print.

This first batch printed brilliantly and came apart easily. The second batch of four also printed beautifully but wouldn’t come apart at all–even broke my knife! Arghh. I started printing two at a time, separately, instead. Each print takes 2:47 this way. So I can make 8-10 per day.

It’s quite a failure of free market capitalism that this is necessary.