Cali’s Burning Again and Other Stuff

It’s wildfire season again here in Cali and it’s bad, though not quite as deadly as a couple of years ago. More burned acres, less burned people. Closest to us is the Bobcat2 fire, which started east of Mt Wilson over the weekend. We’re under an “evacuation warning,” but so far the wind is blowing away from us. Forecasted Santa Ana winds have so far not appeared. We’re semi-packed for evacuation.

From the East facing Mt Wilson camera on September 7.

Mammoth area hasn’t been spared. An explosive growth fire started near Big Creek, CA, and spread to Mammoth Pool. The National Guard did a helicopter evacuation of more than 200 trapped people.

The Bay Area sky turned orange this morning. Happened in Oregon, too.

Online people are comparing it to the Vegas scene from Blade Runner 2049.

It’s a freaking hellscape.

MEANWHILE, somehow the God-King thought it would be fun to let Bob Woodward tape him over the last few months. Today’s big reveal was that on February 7, he told Woodward that he was downplaying the coronavirus. His hoax speech was two weeks later. I’d be surprised but. . .nah. It’s who he is.

Also he called veterans losers. Again, not a big surprise. But he may win and won’t leave office even if he loses, so there’s that. At least his campaign is running out of money early. They’ve spent $800 million apparently. I’d bet it’s gone into family pockets.

There was a pro-trump boat parade in Texas. It went badly in a very funny way.

And then there’s QAnon, which is exploding. I just can’t with that.

There’s still a pandemic but it’s fallen off the front page again–i guess we can thank the hellscape for that. Cases have been declining for weeks but university reopenings have created new outbreaks. Not clear if/when further “reopening” will happen in California.

California stats, 9 September 2020. From the LA Times.