Running on Empty

Back on March 6th, I wanted to write about the ever-changing vaccination rules, but two weeks later this seems unimportant. The Biden administration has used the Defense Production Act to accelerate manufacturing HUGELY, and we’re back to having a backlog of doses vs capacity to inject them. Cali’s over 14 million first doses, and the infection rate here is still declining (though other states are not so well off).

Things feel over here, but it’s not. There’s still a possibility of another wave; lots of stuff is still very restricted (we’re in the Red tier, which means 25% capacity on indoor stuff, etc.) But it really does feel like the pandemic’s ending. We’ll see if it actually is.

I’ve been putting all my “free” time into finishing the two book manuscripts. I plan to get Jed’s electrical manuscript out on the 30th. I’ve got two more things to do on the Magic manuscript, but we’ve got the students doing all the notes. Hopefully we’ll get it out to the press at the end of April.

We’ve gotten the third iteration of plans for Area 52 this morning. I need to get the house blog going but I haven’t had time (and i find this web stuff infuriating anyway). But last trip up Lia found a good spot for conventional septic (right behind the garage, unfortunately), so that’s a big advance. Here’s what iteration 3 looks like. We’ll have the great room slightly expanded south, and an entrance/mudroom added on the west end.

My Huntington long-term fellows group held a Zoom reunion last week. It was very fun. Two babies born in the pandemic, and unfortunately two assaults on two of our Asian fellows. Anti-Asian violence is way up right now due to the horrid ex-president’s white supremacy. There was also a massacre of 8 people in a set of massage parlors in Georgia last week by a white guy. WTF is wrong with people. Anyway, I feel like I have to participate with this group more somehow.

I found a cool thing in No Man’s Sky last night. Hadn’t logged in for a month. It’s the grave of a great sea monster, supposedly.