More Ku Klux Koup

Starting to seem a whole lot like an organized effort with police complicity. Trying to murder the vice president sure sounds like a Koup effort.

Some amazing reporting this weekend too. WarPost on the Capitol Police and long-delayed response. Buzzfeed’s got the African-American police angle. The WarPost is also on the case of the Koup’s GOP sympathizers. Silence is complicity, after all. The LA Times has finally noticed the far right violence in California, too. Basically all the major social media sites have been aggressively taking down pro-Koup accounts, including the Orange Emperor’s. Amazon has unfriended Parler, most disastrously for the Koupsters.

The Governator put out a nice video on his family’s history in Austria. I don’t think he’s getting invited to RNC lunches any more.

I should mention that the pandemic’s still getting worse. Vaccine rollout so far is a botch.

The Ku Klux Koup

The Times of India was on fire today. Although it was so shittly done. . .maybe the Keystone Koup is better?

The inaction of the Capitol Police was by design. There’s statistics. The Trump Crime Family watched the attack and laughed. . .and released a video!

Pretty clear that if there’s not a resignation by Monday, the House will vote to impeach. The FBI’s already arresting the insurrectionists–they very conveniently posted to social media about it and there’s trackers all over Washington.

Soon to be chair of the Senate Budget Committee Sanders gets this right:

Twitter FINALLY banned Don the Con. His followers were/are starting to plan new attacks on Washington and on state capitals for the 17th and 20th of January, and apparently @jack finally had enough. Apple and Google both threatened to take down Parler, a new-ish go-to site for the far right. But Parler’s already hard down–makes me wonder if the Feds had them shut down. But we’ll know soon enough.

Worth noting that Clarence Thomas’ wife was part of the sedition chorus.