Another Gobsmacking Week and it’s only Tuesday

Hard to say what Biggest News was. I guess I’ll start with the administration’s attempt to purge the US of foreign students. Basically, a couple of weeks ago, Harvard announced it was going online only, and within a few minutes, ICE announced any foreign student at a university that was online only in the fall would lose their visas. I was flabbergasted since that seemed to be a clear violation of the Administrative Procedures Act. Harvard and MIT sued last week on that ground and others, a zillion other universities filed amicus briefs including Caltech, and the court hearing was today. DHS walked in and surrendered.

Newsom basically ordered the state closed again yesterday. All bars, wineries, card houses, movie theaters, gyms, indoor dining, churches. . .ugh. Just ugh. Here’s why:

New cases in California, from LA Times.

Didn’t stop Orange County’s ruling troglodytes from ordering schools to reopen without a mask requirement. Meanwhile, LA Unified isn’t opening at all, and it’s not clear what Pasadena, La Canada, etc. are going to do.

The US isn’t doing better.

The White House’s current “efforts” to solve the pandemic seem to be demonizing Fauci–gotta discredit the messenger–and removing responsibility for hospitalization data from the CDC and giving it to Health and Human Services so it can be discredited, or blocked, too. Otherwise they’re looking for ways to force open the public schools.

I shouldn’t fail to note that last week the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a large chunk of Oklahoma is still a Creek nation reservation.