The First Wave of Reclosing

Reopening has, as I expected, gone so super well that Reclosings are now firmly under way. LA County, which never actually met the Reopening criteria it distributed, has been told to close bars and nightclubs and so on and is also closing the beaches for the 4th of July weekend. Don’t know why on the beaches. There’s no evidence of outdoor spread. Seems stupid and counterproductive. But the bars and nightlife stuff should never have been Re-opened. And now they’re Reclosed in 7 counties.

Hospitalizations are soaring. Oops.

The mate and I went to the Huntington Sunday afternoon with friends for the first time since the safe at home order began. Huntington’s allowed to reopen the gardens for nonmembers on July 1st, with limited timed tickets, etc. Friend Ann says the school reopening plan will basically mean 6 days of home schooling, 4 days in-classroom. This would be interrupted anytime a student turns up positive with a two week quarantine. That’s gonna be chaos in the fall.

It’s not just California. Texas rushed to Reopen and is now Reclosing. So far it’s just bars closed and restaurant capacity reduced 50%. So far the state hasn’t done what Newsom did and require masks in public. I expect that will change too.

Arizona’s approaching full capacity of its hospitals too and Reclosed bars, restaurants, gyms and apparently river tubing. They are short of PPE in hospitals again and are starting to ration care by life expectancy etc. Death panels.

Florida is, of course, the dumbest state. Cases soaring but continuing re-opening, except for beaches. The Republican National Convention will be in Jacksonville, which just invoked its own mask requirement. I bet they ignore it.

The #trumpdeathtoll to date.

The EU is not going to let Americans in. Wise move. Facebook is finally starting to suffer advertising loss over its continued refusal to police hate speech and health disinformation and of course its continued promotion of Mad King Donald. The stock market is soaring while the unemployment situation is very confusing. We still have sky-high weekly unemployment filings but BLS says most states have seen employment increases.

on “Reopening”

The political pivot from plague to re-opening has been nothing less than breathtaking, if you obsessively follow the US political news. After a MAGA terrorist invasion of the Michigan statehouse and astroturf “reopen my state” groups proliferated, including protests in Sacramento, the political class is all aboard the reopening train.

The public’s not going along, so far.

Restaurant reservations have barely started creeping up from dead, even three weeks after the first state “reopening.” That does suggest most of the public is smarter than the political class, at least.

From The Economist, obviously. Click to go to the article.

States are one-upping themselves to falsify data to make themselves look less bad. California and LA County still have increasing cases and deaths, although most counties in the state don’t. Is it any wonder people aren’t going along with reopening yet?

From LA Times, May 20 2020

Starman Musk lost some fanbois over “reopening” the Fremont factory a week before the state had allowed him to. Some universities are pledging to “reopen” to students in the fall, including Purdue (whose politician-turned-president dissed a colleague’s engineering prof sister), Notre Dame, and New York University, which thinks somehow putting the lecturers behind plexiglass is going to work out.

Mono county is one of those trying to “reopen” despite having a sudden spike in cases last week. Their justification seems to be that Newsom changed the criteria to make it somewhat easier for the small counties to go to the state’s “Stage 2,” which allows more businesses to open. They hope to have the Fishing Opener on June 1st as usual.

I’m not convinced the rural counties’ “reopening” is wise, since us Angelenos will bring the virus there as soon as we’re able to go. But that’s rather out of my hands. We’re probably going to go up the last weekend of the month ourselves.

Casa Conway’s in a relative stable pattern now. We get up and go to work in our home offices every day, we do a couple of walks a week and a couple of yoga classes, and once (and sometimes twice) a week there’s a shopping run. I last was out on 15 May, to get the snow tires off the Model 3.

Oh, I spent 9 hours on the 16th cleaning the garage. It’s a long way from done.