Pfizer Pain

Can’t remember if I already blogged this but I got 2nd Pfizer vaccine on Saturday. Initial response was sore arm, passed by Monday. But. . .vaccination seems to have set triggered lower back and left leg nerve pain. Since Monday, I’ve just been on fire. It’s super distracting and so far not getting better. Not fun.

We did the Mate’s birthday dinner Tuesday outdoor at the Raymond, and tonight another friend’s birthday tonight at Luggage Room. It’s nice to be able to see people again. Planning to visit the (fully vaccinated!) parents later this month.

Launches resume this month, too. I’m planning to go unless my leg keeps misbehaving. I’m planning on flying the Nike Smoke finally.

April 5 update: the leg pain is shingles. The rash appeared on the 3rd. Still a big ouch.

May 14 update: Valtrex knocked the shingles out in a week. Pain mostly gone in 3 weeks. Rash is still visible, but well below the surface of the skin.