The Madness of King Donald

The barrage of insanity over the last couple of weeks has been incredible. I guess the pace to start is Don the Con’s taxes. The New York Times got 20 years of them somehow and published an unbelievable expose. He owes more than a billion dollars, including more than $400 million to one or more mysterious overseas lenders, and pays almost no taxes. His first year as president, 2017, he paid $750. Most of the last ten years he’s paid none at all. He somehow got a $70 million refund in 2011 that’s ‘under audit,’ somehow, 9 years later. And he even managed to implicate Ivanka in tax fraud. It’s a remarkable story.

That story didn’t hold the news cycle long. The first debate with Biden was on Tuesday, 29 September, and it was a catastrophe for Ole Donny Boy. He was in fully aggressive bully mode, shouting over Biden and moderator (Faux New’s Chris Wallace), and drove away a lot of his own voters. He gave the white supremacists a shot in the arm by giving the Proud Boys a direct order. The insta-polling afterwards had Biden’s lead increase to double digits. I couldn’t watch it myself. The Mate watched, but I couldn’t tolerate him more than 15 minutes. I went and read instead.

But that disastrous performance didn’t dominate the news cycle more than a day. Ex-Trump aide and probably current mistress Hope Hicks tested positive for the coronavirus literally the next day. She’d travelled with Trump and gang on Air Force One to the debate while symptomatic. At least that’s what the initial reports said. Then the Mad King tested positive, three Rethuglican Senators who hadn’t been at the debate did, and it became very clear that the actual superspreader event had been the Federalist Society’s coming out event for Trmp’s Supreme Court nominee. She’s a christofascist from a cult called People of Prayer, and had been on the Notre Dame faculty before being appointed to the 7th circuit 3 years ago.

The Donald wound up being rushed to Walter Reed on Marine 1 to receive his socialized medicine, stayed three days and basically forced his way back out. He’s back at the White House as I write this, as more and more of official Washington gets quarantined. The White House hasn’t been performing contact tracing as they’re supposed to, and they barred CDC from doing it too.

It’s worth noting that what typically happens with this disease is that people start to feel better, go back to work, and then relapse and die. The relapse-and-die part happens after the 2nd week of infection, and we just started week two. So this may not end well for the Mad King.

It already hasn’t ended well for more than 210,000 other Americans. Fuck him.