It’s just been a craptastic year

I’ve been remiss in posting here, not because I’ve got nothing to say but because I’m finding it harder and harder to spend “non-work” time in front of my screens. It’s become almost active resistance on the part of my brain. . .

But anyway, this post is less motivated by the pandemic (which, for a short while, is getting less bad) or by the collapse of American democracy (which is accelerating. We’re fucked. But that’s some other post.)

Last week we were in Mammoth again, came back Saturday. ‘Twas lovely up there, and much cooler than ‘Dena. Did one day of hiking but otherwise it was a working trip as they all are now. Work-life separation went out the window in February and has run far away.

Monday afternoon (1 September) I had a surge of pressure and heat in my left side. I’ve been having GI problems for around 18 months now but no events long-lasting and severe enough to get a fix on. Last trip to urgent care about two months ago (they found nothing) the doc there said to go straight to the ER if it happened again. So around 2 AM tuesday, we zipped off to Huntington Hospital ER.

Totally empty, just staff. I was in a room in 5 minutes, getting ultrasounded within 20, had the answer in an hour: big gall bladder stone, apparently .7 cm. So gallbladder had to go!

Huntington’s rule is two COVID tests before surgery, a quick test and a PCR which takes hours. I assume that they don’t trust the quick test quite enough yet to accept just that, but that requirement delayed surgery until Tuesday afternoon. But within 10 minutes of getting the PCR result they wheeled me off to pre-op. I was back in my room around 5 PM tuesday. Very efficient post-test!

I was released Wednesday afternoon with stern instructions that i was NOT to sit around (or lie around). I must do some walking but no lifting and no strenuous anything for two weeks. At the moment, I have too much pain from the surgery to WANT to do anything strenuous, or even stand up for more than a few minutes. Hopefully this will pass soon.

1) Hospital was EMPTY. Seriously, HH felt like a ghost town.
2) Morphine does very little to or for me.
3) Vicodin does nothing at all. Might as well have been prescribed Pez for the pain. Tylenol actually works. So much for the wonder opioid of the 21st century.

Hoping that this will resolve my GI issues overall, but I’m still going to go through with endo/colonoscopy combo as the gallbladder issue doesn’t resolve the bloody stool issue that helped kick all this off last year. Also hoping it resolves my increasing migranes–perhaps wishful thinking, though.