Re-re-opening a bit late

I meant to write a post on California’s re-re-opening day, June 15, and I collected a bunch of images, and then I didn’t write the post. I just want to say that while the state’s re-opened, and things are starting to feel normal, I’m not allowed back at work and won’t be until sometime in September. It’s a NASA thing. And I also need to note that while California’s passing 70% vaccinated, much of the Old Confederacy is sub-40%, so the pandemic’s not even done in the US, let alone the rest of the world.

I still haven’t finished making the pandemic house blog. We decided to redesign to reduce the amount of dirt-and-rock moving by attaching the garage and moving the house to the West setback line. Design’s not fully re-integrated yet.


Yesterday I got my second Pfizer dose at The Forum megapod. Very fast. We were in and out in 19 minutes. Arm is sore and some of my various aches and pains are worse than usual. I think Pfizer is a pain amplifier.

Planning on heading out to visit parents at the end of April. We’re all vaccinated now. I was actually the last one in the family.

I couldn’t face staring at this computer all day again so I spent the day doing chores and other puttering instead. I hope to still get Jed’s book out the door this week. I’m waiting on others now to finish.

Suddenly busy social life–brunch with David and Monique at the Ath yesterday morning; birthday dinner for the Mate on Tuesday evening at the Raymond; another birthday dinner for Sifling on Friday. All outdoors–we’re not willing to do indoor dining yet. A few more weeks maybe.