Still burning, still pandemic-y, still stuck at home

Well, the not-so-good national news is that the pandemic’s not getting better any more. We passed 200,000 dead, and after another downturn, cases are going back up nationally–not clear about California, though.

US Covid-19 cases from NYT.
California cases from LAT.

The Bobcat fire is still threatening Mt Wilson, as it has been for days now. Latest scary-cam image:

Terrible fire but great composition for a robot camera. . .Mt WIlson west camera on September 21st.

We stood and watched the aerial assault on the fire right before sunset today. We saw a C-130, a MD-80/DC-9, and a DC-10 tanker making runs. The fire has also been spreading north and has burned some communities in Apple Valley, apparently. They’ve also made new evacuations in Big Tujunga Canyon.

Air quality has improved enough the last few days to have the house open for some of the time anyway. We were getting very tired of recirculated, AC air. We are supposed to go to Mammoth thursday but the air quality up there is horrible–well over 300 on the PurpleAirs up there. And all the national forest lands are closed so there’s no real reason to go. Too bad, the change of scenery is nice.

There was a 4.9-ish earthquake down in the Montebello area (very deep) early Saturday. Andrea had just surveyed her mudpot on Friday so we went down Sunday to do that. Finally saw the legendary/horrific Bombay Beach and the Salton Sea, too. It was super hot as well. But again, nice to get out of the house.

in #trumpocalypse news. . .where do i even start? Ruth Bader Ginsberg died last friday, so Moscow Mitch is preparing to confirm whichever christofascist the God King appoints. The “Justice” Department has designated three cities “anarchist jurisdictions” so that federal funds can be cut and DHS stormtroopers can be imposed: Portland, Seattle, and New York. I’m with George Takei:

Seriously! We have Oakland. Compton. Mojave. San Francisco. Marin County. Berkeley, the beating heart of anarcho-syndicalism! What do you have to DO to get branded an “anarchist jurisdiction” by the Trump Crime Ring?” Have a lot of rain?

I wish I had confidence that the Trumpists will be swept out of office. But I don’t. Even if they get a clean sweep, though, the Dems will frak it up. DiFi has already said she won’t expand the courts to undo the christofascist takeover, and that’s the whole game given up before a vote is cast.

Seven months stuck at home. I expect to be here another 7. . . Well, actually, we could be evacuated if the winds pick up from the east. That would be Not Good.